Failure, my best friend.

What does it mean to fail.

Failure= Not reaching the expectation as defined by oneself.

For me, a lot. Many look at the word “failure” and stress.

It does not take much for me to fail. It could be the fact I arrived a few minutes late (everyday occurrence). It could be a bigger issue like continuity or composition. It could be I did not deliver the product I know I am capable of.

Regardless, it’s there. And perfection is unattainable.

So what does that mean?

I view failure as an opportunity to grow. It is nothing more and nothing less. When the ball is dropped, pick it back up and try again. Do not let failure dictate your attitude. Do not let failure breed itself into a consistent state of apathy. As an artist and a human, failure is the driving force to greatness. It is the adversary that gets weaker and weaker the harder you approach it.

I have a mental list of my failures. It’s ever growing. Sometimes, I spend more time thinking about my failures than I do the how far I have come.

In reality, we are not right or wrong. We are not failures or successes. We are dreamers. We are minds caught in a passionate upheaval of grace and ambition. Our world is ever-changing, ever-warping and all the while, ever-constant.

We must view our broken concepts of reality as opportunities to reach higher. Like a seed beneath the soil, we must fight our way through the dirt. The sunlight is only inches away. And yet, it is our destiny to flourish just like a tree takes root.

I am reminded of this every time I catch a small glimpse of the light I chase every day.

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