Learning from mistakes

Pick it up, refocus

Pick it up, keep shooting
Pick it up, keep shooting

I don’t know how many hills and valleys I’ve had, how many times I’ve had to refocus my world and my life and my career.

Patrick Swayze


Sometimes we just need to stop, take a look at it all and start over

During this semester, as with all semesters, I had choices to make: achieve excellent grades or chase excellent experiences. You see, I can’t do something half way.

If I chase after something I drop everything and pursue it with all I have. Knowing this, after 25 years one would think I could learn to manage it. But the reality is, I never will.

I’ve tried.

I don’t like that version of me. I don’t like feeling partial or temporary.

The idea of minimally succeeding in several things sickens me. And, for this reason I’m the best and worst of students.

I feel like knowing who you are and how you respond to life is critical for long term success and growth. 

And, it’s inspiring. Very few things are better than a sense of victory—the pride of not holding back.

I hope to do better. I will keep working—not for average, but for great. I will keep failing. I will keep learning.

Then again I suppose that is the story of life.

Rio Grande, near Red River New Mexico
Rio Grande, near Red River New Mexico | August, 2015

 A story of valleys. A story of peaks. A story of the in between. 

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