Learning from mistakes

Almost Epic | My first stand-up was more of a fall down

Drill weekend. Snow. Training. Opportunity.

The darkness weakened as we arrived at the workout facility. Snowflakes flickered, paced around my boots. I trudged my gear through a thin layer of snow. We were early. (Yes, at some moments in my life I arrive on time and even early in some cases…)

Tasked with my first stand-up, I ran in to this story somewhat clueless. I focused on the fundamentals.

Overshoot. Wide, medium and tight. Composition. Risk.

It was to be shot in one day and edited/finalized the next.

It was epic — almost.

The next day, during the editing process I discovered minor issues.

In my original stand-up, I missed a word, misnamed the organization I was covering, incorrectly identified an Air Force career title and missed my deadline by 12 hours.

Needless to say, I learned something.

Words matter.

Next time I head out for a shoot, hopefully we’ll keep some of these mistakes to a minimum.

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